It was not for nothing that the exercises with kettlebell were revered by the strong men at a time when rods and pancakes did not exist. Such an inventory is a universal tool with which you can bring strength to a new level and develop muscle mass.

Weight-lifting fitness improves physical condition. Today, weight training includes a certain amount of the best exercises with a weight that contribute to coordination.

Weight lifting, the exercises of which are considered one of the most effective movements, is recommended for those who want to be strong and look like a physically developed person.

What is the weight used for, and what is the effectiveness for the body?

There is a difference between this discipline and bodybuilding. Kettlebell fitness is used for the full work of the body. It can be compared to weightlifting, where the potential of muscle groups helps to lift weight. Bodybuilding, in turn, works differently: focusing is on a separate muscle group.

Weight-lifting exercises can develop strength, and it, as athletes know, is determined not by muscle mass, but by the strength of the ligaments. That is why kettlebell lifting is practiced in military structures.

Training with beginners weights is a difficult process, because such characteristics as coordination, strength and perception of amplitude are not developed for them. Because of this, beginners refuse this sport, and without having received the proper result.

Bodybuilding exercises with kettlebell

It should be noted immediately that the potential of this discipline is large, including the growth of strength indicators, muscle mass and the improvement of one’s own body.

What muscles work during training

First you need to identify areas of work with this inventory:

  • Classical exercises for weight-lifting;
  • adaptation of bodybuilding equipment;
  • fitness with kettlebell.

Weight-lifting fitness is practiced by both girls and men for cardio and body work. In this case, all muscle groups and ligaments are involved in the exercises.

Often, inexperienced athletes try to pump the muscles of the kettlebell by adapting this equipment for bodybuilding. Such a method, according to experts, is considered incorrect. It looks like this: a person takes bodybuilding exercises and performs them with a kettlebell. It is important to understand that the amplitude of this instrument is completely different, therefore it is difficult to achieve concentration on a separate muscle group during the exercise.

Classical kettlebell lifting is the work of the whole body and each muscle group. The exercises work the back, buttocks, leg muscles, shoulder girdle and other small muscle groups. During weight training, you should not concentrate only on muscles, because joints with ligaments also play a role in every movement, which must be approached with no less responsibility.

Are weights effective in weight loss and muscle growth?

Weight Loss Exercise

A set of exercises with a kettlebell can both rid the body of excess weight and increase its extra kilograms of muscle mass. All that is needed is to properly manage the exercises and the weight of the equipment.

Muscle mass increases after severe stress for the body, which occurs during hard training. It is important to distinguish between work on power and mass, because these are two different directions. In our case, we use exercises with a kettlebell that maximize the potential of each part of the body. Moreover, the working weight is 60% of the maximum performance of a particular person. Do not forget about proper nutrition in order to increase muscle mass.

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Weight lifting fitness as a means for losing weight is very common in gyms. Each movement promotes pacemaking. The more energy was spent on a kettlebell exercise, the more energy is needed to recover. It follows that, if eaten correctly, energy will be scooped not from food, but from stored fatty layers. Exercises with a weight of 16 kg are better, this weight will allow you to do more repetitions.

Advantages and disadvantages of training with weights

As in all disciplines, kettlebell lifting has a number of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered in detail. The characteristics of exercises with weights at home positively or negatively affect the needs of each athlete. For example, someone loves extreme power, someone suits isolated movements.

Weight Training

It is safe to say that weight training is not suitable for everyone. This is influenced by the specifics, injury hazard and other factors that prevent specific requirements from translating desires into reality. Therefore, home weight training is a matter of preference, some want to lose weight with the help of this equipment, others become stronger.


The list of positive aspects of training with weights should include the following:

  • improved coordination;
  • muscle gain;
  • increase in power indicators;
  • physical fitness improvement.

In movements such as swinging a kettlebell and throwing upside down, you need to have coordination to feel the projectile. That is why every new movement will contribute to the process of adaptation of the body.

Weight gain and improved strength are the main advantage of weight-lifting fitness for men. Holding a thick grip contributes to the development of grip strength, and complex movements improve physical fitness and force the body to build extra pounds of muscle mass.

Most importantly, weight loss exercises always remain in the arsenal of women and men. According to athletes, discipline is the best method for practicing cardio.


Ligament break due to kettlebell

Of the popular negative characteristics of strength training, the following should be highlighted:

  • high risk of injury;
  • poor adaptation for different purposes;
  • insecurity for others.

Injury hazard is the main reason potential athletes decide not to engage in this sport. The fault is the inexperience of beginners and the frivolity in performing the exercises.

Working with a weight at any time can lead to such unpleasant consequences as a ligament rupture, joint injury, tendon stretching and so on.

Being cannon fodder for weights, the body is at risk, because the specifics of the projectile are unpredictable in combination with the athlete’s negligence. It is recommended to use safety measures in work, which include special bandages, gloves, knee pads and elbow pieces.

One of the important points is the use of durable shoes (sneakers, boots). Nobody knows when a weight will fall on his leg during morning exercises. Such an incident can cause any consequences, from a bruise to a serious fracture.

Also, during extreme movements with the kettlebell, there is a danger to the environment, because it will fly out of the hands – the target will certainly receive serious injuries. It is better to engage in a time when no one is around, or warn others about the danger.

Ready lesson plan

The first thing that will benefit the goals is a circular training with a weight. It looks like this:

  • a person selects a set of exercises for himself that meets his needs;
  • determination with the number of repetitions and approaches, which depends on what goal the athlete faces;
  • selection of working weight that can bring the greatest benefit;
  • repetition of the complex several times.
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With one weight, you can only make certain movements. For example, exercises with a weight of 32 kg mean basic exercises that can be performed with this weight. These include squats, traction from the ground, lifts to the shoulder girdle on bent arms, etc.

Exercises with a weight of 24 kg simplify the situation and allow you to increase the range of movements. With such weight, the athlete is able to perform bench presses at all angles or swing with one hand.

Training with a weight of 16 kg is the best way to do fitness, to get rid of extra pounds. Squats with jumps, lunges, swing with a turn, etc. will definitely help in this. Also, you can perform cardio with kettlebell.

Kettlebell Exercise

Exercises with a kettlebell for beginners should carry an introduction to the discipline. It is better to use a training complex based on simple movements, for example: swing with two hands, lifts in front of you, traction and bench presses. It is strongly recommended that you forget about exercises with two weights and perform to start moving with one weight.

It is more effective to work with weights at home, using a training program that was developed by a specialist. He, in turn, takes into account the beginner’s physical abilities, using simple movements to get started.

For upper body

The upper body includes the shoulder girdle, neck, back, chest and arm muscles. To work on them, it is recommended to use the following basic exercises with a kettlebell:

  • push kettlebell – exercise for the shoulder girdle;
  • push-ups on weights, which are an exercise in triceps and increase the volume of the arm;
  • wrestling bridge using kettlebell – statics aimed at strengthening the neck;
  • hand traction with the back to the body with two weights, which works out the latissimus dorsi (the exercise is performed in an inclination, and leaning forward, you need to keep your back straight);
  • biceps are pumped up with exercises for the hands, which involve lifting weights to the shoulder (if done alternately, you must remember to change hands);
  • bench press weights – exercise for the study of the pectoral muscles.
Bench press with one hand

For beginners, the following complex is suitable:

  • bench press with one hand (3 sets of 12 times);
  • French bench press (4 sets of 15 reps);
  • deadlift to the shoulder girdle (3 sets of 15 reps);
  • wrestling bridge (5 approaches for 30-60 seconds).

Approaches and working weight must be selected based on the physical preparation of the athlete, not forgetting the safety for themselves and others.

To the press

Exercises with weight on the mass not only allow you to pick up, but also strengthen the press. It is better to use the following exercises:

  • tilts with a weight (being tilted, the muscles of the press are automatically included in the work to maintain the position of the body);
  • lifting the body with a weight as a weight;
  • bar with the inclusion of a kettlebell – exercise with a kettlebell for the press;

The following lesson plan for press development is recommended for untrained people:

  • twisting with a weight (3 sets of 15 repetitions);
  • bar with kettlebell (3 sets of 40-60 seconds);
  • lifting legs on a horizontal bar with a kettlebell (3 sets of 15 reps each).

The implementation technique is extremely simple, if you feel a burning sensation in the press area, then the muscle group is fully included in the work. The main thing is to always keep your back level to avoid injuries.

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Exercises for a press with a weight should be carried out in a multi-repetitive mode with a small weight. The press is a small muscle group, which is famous for great endurance, but small strength indicators.

For the tender part of the body

The lower part of the body is the muscles of the legs, namely: quadriceps, calves, adductors and gluteal muscles.

The following exercises work on legs:

  • lunges with weights – include gluteal and leg muscles;
  • Kettlebell squats
  • lifting the body on socks with weights;
  • Squats with jumps;
  • circular complexes.

For beginner athletes, the following lesson plan is suitable:

  • squats with a kettlebell (5 sets of 8-12 times);
  • lunges (3 sets of 15 times per leg);
  • deadlift on straight legs (4 sets of 12 reps);
  • deadlift (5 sets of 8 reps).

The weight is selected so as to perform the specified number of repetitions.

Weight selection

Exercises with weights for beginners do not imply large weights. It is better to take light weights, but keep healthy for the legs.

For the whole body

Exercises with a kettlebell for all muscle groups are universal tools that help strengthen grip and increase strength. Basic exercises are:

  • deadlift – an exercise with a weight on the back, legs, abs, arms, etc .;
  • exit from the kettlebell on the horizontal bar, where all muscle groups also participate;
  • a circular set of exercises with kettlebells – swinging flips, lifting in front of you and one-hand presses;
  • slopes with a straight back, which not only burns fat, but is also very useful for the back.

Beginners weight lifters can try the following complex:

  • deadlift to the belt (3 sets of 12 reps);
  • lifting weights on biceps with both hands (4 sets of 15 reps);
  • swings with kettlebells with two hands (3 sets of 10-12 times);
  • static weight holding on straight arms (3 sets of 30-40 seconds).

Weight Training Tips

Choosing a weight for weights

One of the main tips in kettlebell lifting is to never rush into weights. At any moment, an extra kilogram of weight can cause the joint to move out of its place or tear to a ligament.

The training program with weights should be compiled by a professional, taking into account the capabilities of the athlete. With this, you can achieve maximum effect. Also, the trainer can correctly lift the weight, so as not to get injured for the spine and joints.

When training in the gym, always start the exercise by warming up the body, which will protect your body from injuries and discomfort during exercise with a weight. It is also recommended to keep your body warm, because heated muscles and joints are less susceptible to injury.

How to choose a quality weight

For real weight lifters, the quality and shape of the selected kettlebell is important, which will allow you to perform exercises without any discomfort.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the length of the handle. The longer it is, the less the joint will turn out during movement. Such a weight is especially good during one-hand presses.

A weight of 16 kg should differ in shape from a heavier equipment so that the athlete can quickly navigate.