In whatever part of the body pain occurs, one should not expect that this symptom of malaise will pass on its own. It is necessary to consult a doctor to find out the main causes that cause pain, because the body requires attention in any circumstances. If the back between the shoulder blades or lower on the spine is unbearably painful, urgent medical advice is required, since pain can be evidence of the development of a dangerous ailment.

If the pain between the shoulder blades appears regularly, it is important to note that it can be dull or burning, aching, cutting or stitching. The pain can give to the chest or stomach, take on more serious forms. In order to be able to correctly explain to the doctor about the localization and the characteristic features of unpleasant sensations, it is recommended to listen to your body.

About the causes of pain

First you need to understand that the pain between the shoulder blades does not occur for no reason. Most likely, there is some disease that can occur in a latent form. Therefore, it is important to identify pathology, as well as concomitant causes that led to back pain. Among the main reasons, doctors distinguish the following negative factors:

  • lack of daily activities, walks, sedentary life;
  • regular work in a sitting position on a chair whose height does not correspond to the height of the person and the height of the table;
  • lack of rational sports loads;
  • excessive sports loads that are not designed for the capabilities of this person.
Sitting work on a chair

Severe pain in the area of ​​the spine and between the shoulder blades can also occur due to injury.

If a pain in the neck occurs in the student or if an unpleasant sensation in the back between the shoulder blades worries the office employee, you should look for the cause. Perhaps the height of the chair on which the person spends most of the day is incorrectly selected. For a teenager, unpleasant sensations in the dorsal region may indicate the development of osteochondrosis, which began to form between the shoulder blades. If regularly the pain between the shoulder blades occurs when swallowing or appears when inhaling, it is recommended to check the heart for pathologies.

Often with heart problems, patients, not yet realizing the main diseases, note that in the morning the back hurts in the interscapular region. Such symptoms are characteristic of coronary disease. A person goes to the doctor with complaints of back pain to find out the causes of pain between the shoulder blades. A detailed examination shows that chest pain between the shoulder blades is not caused by problems with muscles or the musculoskeletal system, but ischemic heart disease – ischemic heart disease.

When diagnosing various diseases, doctors often come across the question of patients: why does the back hurt in women? If this occurs during gestation, the answer is obvious. With the growth of the child, the back muscles of the expectant mother undergo some changes. Due to the increased load on the musculoskeletal system, stress is noted in the disks of the spine. In this situation, pain occurs in the back, lower back, when turning the head. But this condition is not a pathology. After childbirth, the body returns to its original form, all departments, organs and vertebrae cease to experience excessive stress and cease to hurt.

Doctor's appointment with pain in the spine between the shoulder blades

There are many diseases that lead to this symptom. In addition to problems with the musculoskeletal system, heart, a person may have lung pathologies. Any inflammation of the chest in an advanced stage, are likely sources of pain in the interscapular region of the spine.

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Types of interscapular pain

Pain in the back and interscapular vertebral region can be of a different nature. Some patients describe these sensations as aching, while others experience cutting, sharp pain. There is also stitching and burning pain in the back between the shoulder blades. Someone experiences a sudden, sharp pain, which with powerful force gives to the sternum. Patients suffering from pathologies in the spinal region often claim that the attack begins with a pulling pain, which gradually turns into a pressing one.

Each describes his feelings in completely different ways. But everyone agrees that the pains arising in the interscapular region are always strong, prolonged and exhausting. At the time when there is discomfort between the shoulder blades, which develops into dull pain in the spine, it is necessary to immediately provide medical assistance.

Of course, in each specific situation, you need to find out why the spine between the shoulder blades hurts. Perhaps the causes of aching pain and stitching in the back lie in the incorrect organization of the workplace. But this can only be determined in conjunction with a traumatologist.


Acute pain in the spine in the interscapular region

If acute back pain occurs, this symptom cannot be ignored. After all, it indicates the development of a serious pathology of cartilage, vertebrae or muscles. In some situations, chest pain between the shoulder blades indicates the development of a heart attack. In almost every patient suffering from curvature of the spine, the back between the shoulder blades periodically hurts. Pain occurs against the background of pinched nerve endings that fall into the incorrectly located vertebrae.

For back pain, shooting sensations are characteristic. If shooting in the back, an overstrain or hypothermia probably occurred. Often this symptom occurs against the background of nervous experiences. To alleviate the condition, it is recommended to drink a sedative and lie down for a while. In a completely different way, it is necessary to act when muscle-joint pain occurs. The back muscles may be sore due to overvoltage caused by excessive stress.


If there is a constant back pain between the shoulder blades, the cause must be sought in the development of the underlying pathology. In addition to diseases of the internal organs, there may be a past injury, which today is expressed by constant back pain between the shoulder blades. Continuing the topic of pathologies, we note that if the sternum hurts, the back is in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, it is necessary to exclude spinal tuberculosis.

According to statistics, a huge number of inhabitants of the planet are carriers of mycobacterium tuberculosis. As long as a person is full of energy and adheres to a proper, balanced diet (rest, etc.), the disease does not manifest itself. At the slightest weakening of the body, tuberculosis can manifest itself not only in the pulmonary form, but also in bone damage. If in a chronic form the back muscles between the shoulder blades hurt or there is a feeling of heaviness in the back, tuberculosis of the musculoskeletal system should be excluded.

Sewers often have back pain

Often truckers, computer technology experts, seamstresses, and office workers complain of chronic pain in the area of ​​the shoulder blades on the spine. This is a professional symptom that leads to muscle strain or pinching of the nerve. In this situation, rubbing, massage and necessary rest will help.

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Manifestations of pain between the shoulder blades

At the time of exacerbation, severe back pain located between the shoulder blades can manifest itself in different ways. A person may experience burning discomfort, accompanied by an increase in temperature. The pain of the spine, with a location between the shoulder blades, can resemble the pulling sensations in which the muscles seem to twist. If the upper back between the shoulder blades hurts, affecting the neck, there is probably an overstrain. At this point, the neck hurts as if the muscles are tense to the limit and they cannot be relaxed.

If the upper back between the shoulder blades hurts, the acute stage of scoliosis is likely to develop. Usually pulling pains occur after prolonged sitting or physical activity. Spondyloarthrosis leads to severe pain in the chest. This is a similar disease to osteochondrosis with similar symptoms. But, a clear hallmark of spondylarthrosis is damage to bone tissue and nerves, which leads to sharp back pain between the shoulder blades.

Professional help

If the back hurts in the area between the shoulder blades, it is important to find out the reasons that led to this condition in a timely manner. But until the final clarification of why it hurts in the back, the doctor must stop the acute pain syndrome. Having admitted to a professional, a patient with complaints of back pain may receive the following recommendations:

  • Use temporary anesthetics – Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, in the form that is suitable for a particular patient;
  • Apply mud therapy, magnetotherapy, UHF;
  • Mandatory use of massage, which relaxes muscles, eliminates inflammation in the vertebrae;
  • The use of lotions and compresses using a solution of “Dimexidum”.

In the presence of pathologies of the internal organs, the doctor must prescribe a detailed examination and appropriate therapy.

Treatment of pain in the interscapular region in a hospital

If the attending physician wrote out a referral to the hospital, do not refuse. Acute pain between the shoulder blades should be treated comprehensively. It is very difficult to provide the necessary therapy at home. Having found out what causes the sternum pain, the doctor draws up an appropriate treatment regimen. Traditionally, pain in the back is treated with the following methods:

  • medicines
  • physiotherapy;
  • sports activities of a medical nature.

To reduce pain in the spine between the shoulder blades, what do doctors use? Usually, these are non-steroidal drugs that relieve inflammation. As physiotherapy use:

  • electrophoresis of “Lidase” and “Novocaine”;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • magnetic wave treatment;
  • impact on the pain area with a laser;
  • acupuncture;
  • massages;
  • treatment in sanatoriums.

An indispensable key to success on the path to recovery is the implementation of physiotherapy exercises. It is important for the patient to master the basic techniques that he will be able to apply in the future for self-elimination of severe spasms in the spine.

Which doctor will contact

Everyone will wonder what to do if their back hurts. In this case, a logical answer suggests itself – contact a doctor. Severe pain in the spine cannot be eliminated without certain knowledge and skills. If you have back pain, it is recommended that you contact one of the following doctors:

  • traumatologist;
  • neurologist;
  • rheumatologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • manual therapist;
  • massage therapist.

Usually, with acute pain, the patient is referred to a traumatologist, who, having stopped the pain, sends a neurologist to the doctor. This doctor will make a decision about the need to contact doctors of other specializations.

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To alleviate the patient’s condition, the doctor must find out the reasons why back pain appeared between the shoulder blades. Based on the examination, treatment is prescribed. Traditionally, doctors prefer painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • Ketonal;
  • Voltaren
  • “Nimika”;
  • Ortofen.

And also used indomethacin and hydrocortisone ointment. The use of local funds gives an excellent effect: Nurofen, Ketonal, Menovazin, Nikoflex. In difficult situations, it is recommended to use antispasmodics in injections that are administered intramuscularly. Such funds quickly relieve pain and greatly alleviate the patient’s condition.


Magnetotherapy session

After it was possible to remove the pain syndrome, it is necessary to proceed to complex therapy. One of the mandatory techniques is the use of physiotherapeutic procedures. If it reduces the back, you must go through one or more of the following procedures:

  • magnetotherapy sessions;
  • electric and laser exposure;
  • impact on the area of ​​inflammation with the help of ultrasound and reflexology;
  • balneological treatment.

These procedures prevent the occurrence of interscapular pain, contribute to improving overall well-being.

Therapeutic sports activities

Exercise is important for treating back pain. If it pulls between the shoulder blades, the doctor prescribes a special training complex that improves metabolic processes and helps strengthen the muscle corset. To relieve tension in the back, the attending physician selects a special complex for this patient, taking into account the state and degree of neglect of the disease. Gymnastics and special exercises performed under the guidance of a professional physician can improve the body and reduce back pain.

How to get rid of discomfort in the back of the house using improvised means

Raise your hands up

If your back hurts in the spine, you need to know how to help yourself in this situation. To begin with, with the appearance of the first pain, it is necessary to change the position of the body. You can get up and walk a bit, if the condition allows. And if the situation helps, do a few tilts, raising arms up. Circular movements of the shoulders clockwise and counterclockwise help well.

Often pains in different areas of the body appear due to the wrong menu. If the spine hurts due to transformations in the ligaments and tendons, you need to make adjustments to your diet that exclude the high salt content in food.

Good for relieving pain helps tennis ball massage. It must be laid on the floor and lie on top of your back. Then you should “ride” on the ball for several minutes. This option of a simple massage helps to alleviate the condition with interscapular neuralgia, as well as in cases when the back and shoulders are so aching that it is impossible to tolerate.


If you belong to a group of people whose spine hurts, you need to know what to refuse. After stopping the pain syndrome and undergoing appropriate treatment, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • completely abandon physical activity with the exception of therapeutic exercises;
  • physical therapy classes should be carried out daily, supplementing the course with exercises to strengthen the back muscles;
  • if after any active actions in the chest there is a sensation of a stake, you must definitely lie down, taking the most convenient position;
  • to eliminate pain in the back and neck, you should learn how to properly perform therapeutic movements;
  • constantly monitor your posture.

If you follow these recommendations and the doctor’s instructions, you can get rid of the pain in the interscapular area. If there are pathologies of the internal organs, preventive measures will help eliminate unwanted symptoms and improve overall well-being.